A Cool Blog: The Passive Voice

I was just looking at my email this morning and found my daily notification for The Passive Voice, the blog created by the the attorney David Vandagriff under the pseudonym Passive Guy (or PG).

The Passive Voice is a really cool blog. It’s a curated set of links to stories about indie and traditional writing, the disruption of the trade publishing industry (corporate publishers, editors, agents, bookstores, the Writers Guild…), the reactions to Amazon.com among the traditional publishing set, the reactions to indie publishing among writers, readers, agents, or publishers…In short, the blog treads territory I find interesting in a manner that manages to be both trenchant and slyly witty, opinionated yet calm and objective, and generally informative and engaging.

Old Typewriter, by Petr Kratochvil

One of the things that perhaps makes PG’s blog so interesting is that his wife is an indie author of Regency romance novels which PG helps her to publish and market. PG knows what it is to format manuscripts and book covers for upload to Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, and Smashwords. PG knows about marketing indie novels–something he does on the Passive Voice only for his wife, to whom he refers affectionately as “Mrs. PG.” And PG is no snob, offering insight and commentary that is of interest to writers of genre fiction as well as to authors of so-called literary fiction. The Passive Voice is a blog that is centered on the experiences, interests, successes, and struggles of indie authors in the changing world of publishing.

I recommend it very highly.

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