Thanks for visiting the author page of Matthew Ismail.

I am the author of three historical novels, a book about the blues experience, and the definitive biography of the legendary Egyptologist Sir E. A. Wallis Budge.

My publications combine the scholarly knowledge of history and literature I gained over many years of study, but also my experiences living for twelve years in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

My blog on this site also contains some accounts of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, which occurred while I was living in Cairo.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Matthew,

    I’m particularly interested in Chauncey Murch and his involvement in the exploits of Budge – I am doing a short biography for the Murch website – Chauncey sounds a real character although that doesn’t come across in the church reports on his work in Egypt. Perhaps they chose to ignore this aspect of his life. I cannot find and image of him anywhere so i wonder, with your wonderful knowldege of the subject whether your book has any details on Chauncey or pictures of him? Believe me I have scoured the internet for weeks now. I have just ordered your book on Amazon and it looks like it will be a good read.

    Regards, Loulou Murch

    • Hi Loulou,

      You will find plenty of good information on Chauncey Murch in the Budge book–that I can assure you. He was a pretty colorful character! Now, as for a picture I know that I have seen a picture of Murch in one of the books I read about Egyptology…But I simply cannot recall which one after more than five years. You might look at the biography of Flinders Petrie to see if it is there?

      Good luck finding the picture. Have you thought of contacting the organization for which he was a missionary?

      • Hi Matthew, thanks very much for taking the time to write back to me. I have read excepts from a book on Flinders Petrie but that was a limited amount of pages on amazon. So I will have a good look for the same book again. I can’t wait to get the book as researching Chauncey has fired my interest in Egyptology. I have another question actually – the woman that donated the collection to the museum appears to be unrelated – do you know much about her – she wasn’t his wife though was she? Kindest regards, Loulou

      • Hello Loulou,

        You’ll get the whole story of the Murch collection donation in the Budge book–ultimately, however, the collection was sold by his wife, Amelia Murch, after his death.

        Have fun reading about Egyptology. It’s a great subject and can lead down many paths. You’ll find that there are different approaches to the subject–some authors are interested in the technical development of the profession of Egyptology and its associated practices of excavation and analysis, others (like me) are more interested in the cultural and social history around Egyptology. Enjoy yourself whatever your interest!

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